Beni Ouarain  1N  166 x 240 cm
Beni Ouarain  1N  166 x 240 cm

Beni Ouarain 1N 166 x 240 cm

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Størrelse: 166 x 240 cm

Vores berber tæpper er håndvævede wooltæpper fra Atlasbjergene i Azilal og Beni Ouarain. These tæpper is an old craft from the Berber tribes, where the motifs are traditional patterns. Each tæppe is unique and according to tradition, the carpets are used as wedding gifts.

Beni Ouarain tæpper are some of the most comfortable blankets you will experience. They are made of 100% sheep's wool and are 100% uncoloured.

Disse arvestykketæpper is made for those who really put on everything naturally. They are the concept of warmth and luxury.

Jeg har butikken Beni Ouarain tæpper og Boucheroutie tæpper.
Vi garanterer for tæppernes autenticitet, idet vi importerer direkte fra Marokko